Mission / Vision


Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade is known throughout the world as higher education and scientific research institution. This modern Faculty achieves its mission in three interrelated groups of activities: higher education, scientific research and implementation of professional expertise in agriculture and food technology. The main mission of the Faculty is formulation and implementation of high-quality academic study programs at all levels of study, development of relevant scientific research, as well as the implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills in agriculture, food technology, and other related industries and society as a whole.

The primary mission of the Faculty of Agriculture is in the development of study programs in accordance with the Bologna process, its continuous modernization and harmonization with modern world trends and the state of science in engineering and biotechnical sciences and technical technological scientific field.

Since its foundation in 1919 the Faculty of Agriculture is committed to achieving its mission, which is based on the successful results of scientific research work and its application in practice. Over time, Faculty of Agriculture, according to the observed needs of the economic environment, and the current needs of society, developed the relevant academic programs that educate students for current and upcoming technical, technological and socio-economic conditions, developing in parallel its own, competent human and material resources.

Faculty of Agriculture continually improves educational programs, the quality of the work process, human and material resources with the desire to achieve the highest standards. In this way, the Faculty provides the satisfaction of the educational needs of students, scientific and professional needs of the economy and the financial needs of employees, and as part of a wider educational - scientific system, it represents the driving force of development of Serbian society as a whole.

The mission of the Faculty of Agriculture consists in a continuous and systematic work to improve all areas of quality assurance work (study programs, teaching, research, evaluation of students, textbooks and literature, resources, non-teaching support, process management), raising efficiency in education, linking educational, scientific research and professional activities, as well as construction and improvement of internal organization.

Agricultural University of Belgrade highly appreciates wisdom, dedication to work and ethic. Teachers and staff conduct research in all areas of agricultural and food technology, which are invaluable for the development of society. They generously provide academic services to local communities through various training programs to improve the economic, social and agricultural situation in Serbia, and improving quality of life, and foster sustainable development in rural areas.

Faculty will in future be accessible and meaningful. Faculty's mission is characterized by seven basic principles:

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of teaching and learning, research, management and governance,
  • A maximum of achievement and improvement of all students and staff persons potential,
  • Improving the European and international dimension in all activities of the Faculty,
  • Contribution to the creation of a democratic society which values the cultural heritage, and is characterized by social wealth and openness,
  • Encouraging the development of humanity in building a stronger environment for excellence in teaching and learning,
  • Supporting and promoting sustainable, secure and aesthetically pleasent environment and
  • increase the role of the Faculty as well as regional, national and international center of education, research and professional activities.

In view of the fact that the higher education is the base for development of knowledge-based society and its further economic and cultural progress, promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms, the mission of the Faculty is to provide the highest of academic standards and provide the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of society and projected national development.

To achieve its mission the Faculty seeks the permanent improvement of the quality of higher education and to the inclusion in unique European area of higher education.

Specific mission

Education of professional staff should provide:


  • Contribution to development of agriculture and food technology
  • Contribution to rural development of the country
  • Contribution to rural development of the country
  • Contribution to sustainable economic development
  • Contribution to regional development.



As the most important institution in the field of Agriculture and Food Technology, the Faculty of agriculture has a leading role in the development of education and science in Serbia and in the southeastern region of Europe. The main objective of the Faculty is building the organizational structure for quality assurance in all areas (study programs, classes, study, evaluation of students, literature, resources, non-teaching support, process management). The strategic development plan defines the short-term and long-term goals. Through continuous quality improvement activities in all areas of quality assurance and the establishment of regional cooperation, long-term goal of the Faculty is taking a significant place in the European educational space.

The basic vision of the Faculty of Agriculture is to define all aspects of the development of modern education and scientific research compatible with the relevant faculties in EU member states. This vision contains elements of sustainable continuous improvement at all levels of education, scientific research and professional work. Primarily it takes into account the improvement of skills of teachers and teaching assistants and a gradual and sustainable improvement of competencies and skills of students. In order to achieve the vision it especially emphasizes the role of mobility of students and teachers in order to make these entities capable for participating in the European area of education. Long-term vision of the Faculty is an equal participation in education and science in the European space.

Vision Faculty of Agriculture is reaching the highest levels of excellence and partnership in the unified European space of higher education and research.

On the way to fulfilling its vision the Faculty's scope of work expands and complements its partner relationships with universities and business organizations from all continents of the world, adopting the positive trends of the global system of education and research, as well as active participation in European research projects.

Orientation to the modern study programs and quality studies creates conditions for faster growth and development with real understanding of educational needs in a typical environment. A large number of international research projects and extensive implementation of the results obtained in the economy creates value and competence of participants in the educational process, in order to realize the set vision.

In all aspects the development of Faculty is based on providing quality study programs at all levels of higher education, continuous improvement of quality of work (teaching, research, evaluation of students, textbooks and literature, resources, non-teaching support, process management), raising efficiency in the educational process, linking education, scientific research and professional services, construction and improvement of internal organization.