The Faculty of Agriculture has long tradition, it is a teaching and research institution whose activities cover all aspects of agricultural production and food technology: crop science, fruit science and viticulture, animal science, soil management, phytomendicine, agricultural engineering, food technology and agricultural economics. Since its foundation in 1919 about 16.000 students have gained BS degree, 900 MS degree and 750 PhD degrees.

The Faculty is organized in 31 departments and eight Institutes. The Faculty has a Central Laboratory, an Office for Student affairs, Central Library, as well as a Technical and Administrative Services. From 1941/42 the FoA has an experimental school estate “Radmilovac”, of about 100 ha, a legacy of the family Vukicevic. There are about 300 teaching staff and 200 employees.The enrolment of students is up to 1.000 students per year. 370 students graduate, 30 receive MS degree and 20 PhD degrees annually.

Faculty of Agriculture organizes a number of scientific and professional meetings on a regular basis and with national and international participation (Animal Sciences, Aquaculture, Bee and honey production, Crop Sciences, Phytomendicine, Agricultural Mechanization, Food technology, Milk production, Agroeconomy), as also publishing scientific results in national and international printed and electronic publications, as well as the “Journal of Agricultural Sciences”.


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