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dr Svetlana Živanović, vanredni profesor (angažovani profesor)

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  • fiksni: +1 (865) 974-0844

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Akademska karijera
  Godina Institucija Oblast
Izbor u zvanje 2005 Univerzitet Tenesi Hemija hrane
Doktorat 2001 Univerzitet Arkanzas Biohemija hrane
Magistratura 1993 Poljoprivredni fakultet, Beograd Biotehničke nauke
Diploma 1988 Poljoprivredni fakultet, Beograd Prehrambena Tehnologija

Uža naučna oblast
Ugljeno-hidratna hrana

Oblast istraživanja
Characterization and application of biopolymers in food processing and safety

Application of high intensity ultrasound

Characterization and application of polysaccharides recognized as beneficial in human diet

Utilization of waste material from food industry for production of value-added products

Reprezentativne reference
Li J., Zivanovic S., Davidson P.M., Kit K. 2010. Characterization and comparison of chitosan/PVP and chitosan/PEO blend films. Carb Polym. 79:786-791.
Su X., Zivanovic S., D'Souza D. 2009. The effect of chitosan on the infectivity of murine norovirus, feline calicivirus and MS2 bacteriophage. J Food Prot. 72(12):2623-2628.
Wu T., Zivanovic S., Hayes D.G., Weiss J. 2008. Efficient reduction of chitosan molecular weight by high intensity ultrasound: underlying mechanism and effect of process parameters. J Agri Food Chem. 56(13); 5112-5119.
Desai K., Kit K., Li J., Zivanovic S. 2008. Morphological and surface properties of electrospun chitosan nanofibers. Biomacromolecules. 9(3):1000-1006. The most accessed article of the journal in 2008.
Zivanovic S., Li J., Davidson P.M., Kit K. 2007. Physical, mechanical and antimicrobial properties of chitosan/PEO blend films. Biomacromolecules 8(5):1505-1510.
Kjartansson G.T., Zivanovic S., Kristbergsson K., Weiss J. 2006. Sonication-assisted extraction of chitin from shells of fresh water prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). J. Agri. Food Chem. 54(9):3317-3323.
Wu T., Zivanovic S., Draughon F.A., Conway W.S., Sams C.E. 2005. Physicochemical properties and bioactivity of fungal chitin and chitosan. J. Agri. Food Chem. 53(10):3888-3894.
Zivanovic S., Chi S., Draughon F.A. 2005. Antimicrobial activity of essential oils incorporated in chitosan films. J. Food Sci. 70:M45-M51.
Zivanovic S., Basurto C.C., Chi S., Davidson P.M., Weiss J. 2004. Molecular weight of chitosan influences antimicrobial activity in oil-in-water emulsions. J. Food Protection. 67:952-959.
Wu T., Zivanovic S., Draughon F.A., Sams C.E. 2004. Chitin and chitosan – value-added products from mushroom waste. J. Agric. Food Chem. 52: 7905-7910.

Tekući projekti
Extraction and characterization of beta-glucans from fungal sources. Zivanovic S., Golden D. UTIA. 11/15/09-03/15/11. $25,000.
Green technology for cleaning wood barrels. Young T., Zivanovic S., Taylor A. UTIA. 11/15/09 - 03/15/11. $25,000.
Chitosan as an eco-friendly approach for the control of foodborne viruses. D'Souza D., Zivanovic S. UTIA. 11/15/09 - 03/15/11. $25,000.
Heat stable micelles of glycated proteins for clear beverage and nanodelivery applications. Zhong Q., Zivanovic S., Hayes D. UTIA. 11/15/09 - 03/15/11. $25,000.
An optimization model for packaging Meal-Ready-to-Eat, Sawhney R., Wiley B., Zivanovic S. Defense Logistics Agency, CORANET3. 7/01/09 – 06/30/11 $198,923.
Evaluation of Retention, Stability, and Bioavailability of Commercially Available Encapsulated Vitamins and Their Effects on Quality of MREs. Zivanovic S. Defense Logistics Agency, CORANET3. 12/23/08-02/04/11. $229,657.
Quality Improvement of Applesauce Type VI and VII. Zivanovic S., Mount J., Sams C. Defense Logistics Agency, CORANET2. 08/20/08-08/20/11. $229,702.
Evaluation of Processes and Additives Improve Quality and Storage Life of Wet Pack Peaches. Mount J., Zivanovic S., Sams C. Defense Logistics Agency, CORANET2. 08/15/08-05/14/10. $143,663.
Travel Grant for 2008-210. Zivanovic S., Mount J., Kit K., Wiley B. Office of Naval Research. 11/01/2008 – 10/31/2010. $40,000.

Drugi relevantni podaci
In last 5 years, published 23 articles in refereed journals, 2 book chapters, and had 72 papers presented at technical and professional meetings
In last 10 years, completed over 30 projects as PI or co-PI with over $1,8 million in funds. Research funded by Office of Naval Research; Defense Logistics Agency; US EPA; USDA -Improving Food Quality and Value; USDA - Food Characterization; ORNL; NASA FTCSC; Food Safety Center of Excellence, UT; Mushroom council; Bush Brothers.
Graduated 3 Ph.D. and 8 M.S. students; served as a research advisor to 12 undergraduate students and as committee member for 5 Ph.D. and over 10 M.S. students.
Service to profession: IFT Carbohydrate division: Chair, Councilor and Member at Large; IFT Fruit and Vegetable Produce Division: Member at Large; IFT Food Chemistry Division: Nominating and Long range planning committees; USDA National Organic Standards Board: advisor.
Served as Panel Member and Ad-Hoc Referee/Reviewer for several funding agencies – Funding Agencies USDA T-STAR, USDA/NRI Food Quality, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Center for Food and Nutrition Policy, USDA.
Served as reviewer for scientific journals, including Biomacromolecules, ActaBioMaterialia, Food Chemistry, Food Hydrocolloids, Food Science and Technology International, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Journal of Food Protection, Journal of Food Science, Lebensmittel – Wissenschaft – und – Technologie, Mycology, etc.